Testimonials for Gary A. Grablin DDS

“First time I came into his office, I was in such a bad shape. It was after I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and discovered that I was chronically mercury poisoned. I was in a lot of pain in my throat, neck, shoulders, fingers, knees, ankles and feet. I had no idea what it would be like to go through replacement of all the “silver” (mercury) fillings in my mouth. I was desperate, horrified and in pain.

When I walked into the office of Dr. Grablin, Gail and he introduced themselves to me in such a welcoming and positive manner. They were concerned, caring, respectful and confident. At the initial consultation, Dr. Grablin intently listened to the problems I had and solution that I was seeking and put it his highest priority to get rid of all mercury fillings in my mouth. We started the work a few days later.

When we began working on the procedures, Dr. Grablin was extremely careful in not exposing me to any mercury during or after each procedure. He used the rubber dam, high-speed vacuum and lots of water to prevent it. And I experienced no acute mercury poisoning symptoms after each procedure.

Every time I sat in his dental chair, he offered these thoughtful items that made his patients most comfortable they could ever be in a dental chair. I could not have felt nearly as comfortable or relaxed without them; an airplane pillow, tinted goggles, a knee support cushion, blanket and lip gloss. His very thoughtful and caring personality also extended to the communication with his patients. He asked me how I was doing several times during the procedure and made funny jokes to make me laugh and relax. Trust me. It works…

There were a few times I actually fell asleep while he was drilling into my tooth. I had developed that kind of trust and secure feelings about his work. I had never in my life trusted a health care practitioner before I met Dr. G. None of the doctors or dentists that had worked on me had true interest in the long-term health of my body as a whole. But this one, Dr. Grablin, will be even more eager and committed than you are for you to achieve the best dental health of a lifetime. He is the very, very best dentist I have ever known and the only one I can trust. For the first time in my life, I could just sit back and relax….”

Rie S. from Yelp, Napa, CA
Dear Friend and Beloved Dr Gary,

I have been praying for many months for Divine inspiration to give me the words that describe the grace and delightful transformation that your dentistry has wrought in my life. What a happy kindness it is to have freedom to smile and laugh in unrestrained joy, and to have fears of looking unseemly dissolve into history. You transformed my smile from one resembling the ancient London street urchins in Oliver Twist to a close proximity of the classical beauty of Catherine of Wuthering Heights! (Or so I fancy my beautiful new grin!)

At first spending a large sum of money on myself panicked me. But actually doing so, I found my self-esteem was lifted to a new sense of worthiness. I love and appreciate the unique depth of assessment, planning & careful execution of my treatment plan as only a fellow medical professional can. Your personal 1:1 attention has been healing to my whole being. You have given me so much more than world-class dental skill and artistry.

I know you will be richly blessed, not by my words, but by your own special thought, skill & action coming through your heart, soul & hands. Thus it is, I say your work is indeed close to God’s heart.

In profound gratitude & simple thanks.

“Gary is a top-notch dentist. He is kind, thorough, detail oriented and does much of the work, even the cleaning, himself. As a bonus, he takes time to show you how to effectively take care of your teeth to reduce future dental decay. I enjoyed my visit (yes…even to the dentist) and will be back to see him again.”
Jodi W. from Yelp, San Rafael, CA
“Dr. Grablin is the best dentist I’ve been to. He removed my mercury fillings and did an outstanding job replacing them with resin. He is caring, trustworthy and professional. He’s got the best equipment to really see what’s going on with your teeth. The office staff is also wonderful. Highly recommend.”
Rebecca S. from Yelp, San Rafael, CA
“I’ve began to get my teeth back to health recently and started seeing Gary Grablin this year. I couldn’t be more impressed. I have had a few different procedures and Gary goes above and beyond with his work. I haven’t felt any pain, from getting shots to having a cavity done with no Novocain. He uses a microscope to see what he is working on extremely close. I leave the dentist feeling confident that the work was done by a skilled professional.”
Alex T. from Yelp, San Rafael, CA
“Dr. Grablin is an outstanding dentist, as well as a very kind person with a great sense of humor! During my first appointment, he did an extremely thorough exam using a microscope, and when I found out that I needed a deep cleaning and had several cavities, I was pretty nervous. He explained everything very clearly and helped me to feel very relaxed and comfortable during both procedures. He also followed up all my appointments with a personal call to check to see how I was feeling. His small staff are all very kind, friendly, and welcoming, and it has been easy to schedule appointments that fit my schedule. Even before I arrived to my first visit, I was actually looking forward to going because I had such a positive conversation over the phone! Dr. Grablin truly cares about his patients and is one of the most understanding and personable people I have ever encountered in any medical field. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a dentist.”
Alexis F. from Yelp, San Rafael, CA
“In the last year, my mouth has gone through a complete transformation. I do not have dental insurance, and I do not make all that much money. Dr. Grablin’s office was willing to work with me to get the work I needed done. They helped me get financing and helped me prioritize what needed to be done first. It’s rare that you will find a Dr. that offers such care and follow up. Every time I have a major procedure done, Dr. Gary has reached out to me to see how I’m doing. On a few occasions, I wasn’t doing too well, and Dr. G continued to follow up with me, even once when he was on vacation!

I hate going to the dentist but Dr. G makes going to the dentist not so brutal and actually kind of fun with his sense of humor and awesome personality. His sidekicks Gale and Huong help make an experience that could be the total pits actually kind of great.”

Eliza D. from Yelp, Sonoma, CA