Dr. Gary Grablin is a Gnathologist, a dentist who specializes in the biological mechanisms that create the functional movements in mastication (chewing), speech, deglutition (swallowing) and facial expression. Gnathology is the study and treatment of the entire mouth as a functioning unit and, as a science, it enables dentists to restore, protect and preserve the human dentition.

Dr. Grablin’s expertise in Gnathology gives him a deeper understanding of the gnathic (chewing) system, which enables him to achieve more lasting results for his patients. He can diagnose and treat many unique conditions, including TMJ and TMD.

Dr. Grablin achieved his specialization in Gnathology through F.A.C.E., the Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education, He spent, along with twenty other dentists from around the US, 18 months in a postdoctoral program under Dr. Tom Basta, who, in Dr. Grablin’s professional opinion, is one of the finest restorative dentists in the world. Dr. Grablin also studied under Dr. Ron Roth, the founder of the Roth Williams International Society of Orthodontists, Dr. Grablin deeply enjoys the challenge of understanding and mastering such a complex mechanism as the chewing system.