A Perfectly Fitted Dental Crown

All dental crowns are not made the same. Dr. Gary Grablin believes that crowns need to look aesthetically beautiful, be made from quality materials, fit the tooth exactly, and fit into the chewing system in harmony with all of the other teeth.

The way that your teeth fit together, or occlude, is an important factor in making a crown that fits well in your mouth. A perfectly fitting crown increases the function, stability, and longevity of the crown. A proper fitting crown reduces the chance of bone loss, chewing pain, excessive tooth wear and nerve damage over time.

In order to make a crown with proper occlusion or contact between your teeth, several steps are necessary. First, full arch impressions must be taken (all of your teeth, not just part of the mouth). The models of the teeth must then be mounted on an articulator (a device that mimics jaw movement). The crown must be made with all of the cusps and grooves placed in harmony with the movement pattern unique to each individual. This type of design and fabrication requires special training by an experienced dentist like Dr. Grablin,as well as a highly skilled laboratory technician.