Meet Our Dental Office Staff

Huong Tran

Huong Tran | Dental Office Team | Downtown San RafaelIn 1999, I graduated from College of Marin with a degree in Dental Assisting. I began my career in Dentistry at Doctor Gary’s downtown San Rafael dental practice as an intern. Doctor Gary later introduced me to one of his fellow doctors in San Francisco, where I got my first dental office job. Thanks to those first steps, I have constantly been able to continue learning and practicing. I have become a professional who is licensed and certified as an RDA (Registered Dental Assistant).

I believe it was predestined that I returned to work again with Doctor Gary Grablin at his health centered dental office. I am so proud to be part of his very nice and professional team. I am so happy to be able to serve Marin’s people.

I have always believed it is a privilege that my family could settle, live and work in Marin. We are refugees from South Viet Nam. My husband and I had gone through the war and North Vietnam’s deceiving peace. To the outside world, they put on a “face” of peace. It was a lie. We suffered their concentration camps, their privations and atrocities. Now we are so happy to have the right to work and raise our daughter in this peaceful place. I love my job here, and I love San Rafael and its lovely people.

Gail Green

Shortly after graduating from Boston University in the early 70s, I moved to Martha’s Vineyard. I was befriended by two young dentists who had recently set up practice on the island. They needed an assistant, and I needed a job – that is how I first became involved with dentistry. While on the island, I met my husband, Jonathan, and together we moved to California in 1976.

Many years and 2 grown children later, I returned to the dental field, but this time, I am working in the front office rather than assisting. I love my job here. Dr. Gary’s health centered practice is unique. I am proud to have the opportunity to serve our patients and be part of such an able and caring team. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time in my stained glass studio at my home in Bolinas.

Stop by our dental office if you are in the area and get a first-hand experience of what cutting-edge dentistry is all about, and, oh, bring a favorite joke. Gary loves them, and he could use a few new ones!

The dental office of Gary A. Grablin DDS looks forward to helping you. Please call Gail at (415) 454-3222  or email to set up an appointment.